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Our firm believes in creating projects that are as big a benefit to the world as they are to our clients. We see USGBC's Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program as a good benchmark of green building techniques. While many of our clients choose not to achieve LEED certification, we design our buildings to incorporate as many green building techniques as possible. We encourage clients to use green technologies in all areas of their operations. The information below provides owners with the means of achieving truly green business practices.

Techniques for Existing Schools

This pdf gives detailed descriptions of the benefits and methods of instituting green practices at existing school facilities.

Adding a Green Roof

This is an extension of the Techniques for Existing Schools pdf. It follows the same format to explain the means of installing a green roof.

LEED for Schools

In April of 2009, the United States Green Building Council issued a third version of their LEED for Schools program. This provides a detailed description of the requirements for achieving certification.